Words By: Guram Sakvarelidze

Fabrika has become an iconic destination in Tbilisi, which gathers people coming from diverse backgrounds. The decentralized, multi-functional industrial spaces encourage experience sharing and spark a desire for adventures.

The hostel, which used to be a Soviet-era sewing factory, now features an open courtyard with cafes, bars, and boutique shops run by local entrepreneurs. The creative process taking place in this industrial construction can be felt in the cement skeleton of the building and its eclectic interior. Fabrika is now enriched with colorful and raw materials such as wooden planks and metal stairways along with a diverse array of vintage furniture sprinkled around the public spaces.

Fabrika Hostel became a local sensation and an internationally recognized project from the moment it opened its doors to the public. This graffiti-covered venue is a spatial journey in Georgian history, culture, and contemporary concepts. The establishment keeps bringing life to the country’s prominent artworks and innovative entrepreneurial projects. With its industrial co-working spaces, art studios, galleries, and conference halls, Fabrika is a hub for creativity and the advancement of progressive discourse in Georgia.

The sustainable conversion model chosen for the development of the establishment connects it to local history and culture. Fabrika stands out with its distinctly Georgian interior design elements, such as the handwoven rugs, vintage furniture, industrial windows, communal tables, and high ceilings. The industrial architecture, as well as street art, adds a layer of modernity and reimagined concepts, enriching the sensual experience of spaces. Much like Stamba and Rooms Hotels, Fabrika’s interconnected public spaces, which encourage socialization, have gathered creative and forward-thinking individuals. With the organically formed communities, the establishment has been reshaping the modern face of Georgia.

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