Words By: Guram Sakvarelidze

Lolita is a social hotspot in an iconic 19th-century residential building that combines art nouveau with elements of gothic architecture, right in front of Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. This establishment stands out with its wooden balconies that are characteristic of the old Tbilisi architecture and the eclectic greenery in the courtyard with communal tables and the open kitchen.

Much of the original building has been kept intact with its reconstructed courtyard buzzing with life every evening. The main hallway with high ceilings still features unique murals, stone stairs, and art nouveau railing leads. Lolita’s event spaces and the restaurant combine original design elements with vintage aesthetics, the open kitchen, and modern spatial concepts.

Historically, this part of Tbilisi was always the place where poets, writers, and artists came together and shaped the face of Georgia. Today, along with Rooms Hotel Tbilisi and Stamba, Lolita has reignited the creative fire and turned Vera once more into a hub for local and international communities to meet and share experiences.

The authenticity of design that the sustainable approach to redesigning existing buildings brings has most certainly helped boost this area of Tbilisi into a destination for both Tbilisians and visitors alike. Lolita is another example of a conversion project that roots the experience of space and place in history, culture, and traditions. Adjara Group’s signature approach to reinventing the design and architecture of existing constructions has been integral in the success of Lolita. The authenticity of the interior and the preserved facade of the residential building organically attracts and inspires communities, who shape modern-day Georgia.

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