Words By: Guram Sakvarelidze

There is a new Rooms Hotel in Kokhta-Mitarbi

Through architecture and design, Adjara Group’s latest project is connected to the captivating, biodiverse nature surrounding it. Rooms Hotel Kokhta is a continuation of the Rooms Hotels brand, which is known for its unique hospitality concept rooted in local culture, environment, and traditions.  

With its farm-to-table restaurant, interconnected public spaces, and the poetic brutalist aesthetics, the interior of the establishment is setting new trends in Kokhta-Mitarbi, which is located in the historic Bakuriani resort. Rooms Hotel Kokhta shares the local population’s aspirations of popularizing the area with its culture and traditions by working directly with them.

Bakuriani is the Georgian first ski resort Right next to Kokhta-Mitarbi, which came to be during the first half of the 20th century.

Connecting with nature

Located 1,700 meters above the sea level, Kokhta-Mitarbi and Bakuriani are cocooned between the lesser Caucasus mountain range and the hills covered with rows of spruce, cedar, and pine. The centuries-old trees and hunched mountain peaks bring a sense of calm and breathe life into the region. The illuminating sunrise enriches the ever-changing landscapes with color. The open night sky soaks the surroundings with a peaceful blue tone. 

A Hike up the hills near the Kokhta-Mitarbi resort is a spiritual journey connecting the mind with the vastness of the unfolding natural landscapes. Soft wind whistles in the valley, on the monumental elevations of the Caucasus and the coniferous forest, as the construct of time seems to disappear along with any lingering anxieties of everyday life.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the biodiversity of the region started being recognized for its healing powers. The surrounding towns and villages started transforming into health and wellness destinations.

Bakuriani was one of the settlements, which saw a surge in tourism during this period. This little town next to Kokhta-Mitarbi started developing as the first Georgian ski resort. Because of the continued interest in Bakuriani, new hotels, camping paths, pistes, ski lifts, guesthouses, and restaurants, started developing over the following decades in the little town amid the mountains.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta in Kokhta-Mitarbi is a new statement for the 20th-century resort. The natural, organic, and simple interior design of the building incorporates the meditative bond between humans and the biodiverse terrain.  Located right below mount Kokhta, one of the first skiing slopes of Bakuriani, the hotel is directly connected with the landscapes of the lesser Caucasus range and the flora of the region. The poetic brutalist aesthetics of the interior is expressed through the simple structure and raw materials of the building. Moreover, the handwoven carpets and paintings by Georgian artists enrich Rooms Hotel Kokhta with textures and colors.

The bas-reliefs of primitive symbols on the metal and stone fireplace in the lobby add depth and focus to the experience of public spaces. Whereas, the sculptural pieces from the Wild Minimalism collection by Rooms Studio, which is inspired by the 20th-century architecture, along with authentic Georgian hand-carved furniture, add the unrefined feel to Rooms Hotel Kokhta. 

Fireplace in the Lobby

With its industrial floor-to-ceiling windows, Rooms Hotel Kokhta offers views of the timeless landscapes. At the same time, the interior design replicates the grandeur of the mountains and forests with the locally sourced, reused wood, stone, and clay.

Connecting with locals

The Bakuriani community has been central in the advancement of their habitat into an internationally recognized resort. Forest workers, winter sports athletes, tour operators, and gurus of local treats, among others, maintain and develop the town.

Historically, the biodiverse nature of the region has always been maintained by the locals. They have been enriching the mesmerizing mazes of the coniferous forests and the open fields filled with seasonally blooming flowers. The intimate connection between humans and nature is felt vividly in the products created by the locals. Towns and villages near Kokhta-Mitarbi are known for their flavorful honey, pine-cone jams, pine tree gums, and other treats, all of which undermine the biodiversity of the land that Rooms Hotel Kokhta is now located in. 

Recognizing the uniqueness of the Bakuriani terrain, the local population has also been demonstrating its passion for developing their hometown into a major resort for winter sports. The welcoming attitude and the desire to showcase their uniqueness could be one of the main drivers for these communities who have created the first ski resort and produced hundreds of athletes. Thanks to them, most national sports competitions in Georgia are still held in this region. 

The internationally recognized local ski jumper Koba Tsakadze is an embodiment of the people living in Bakuriani and other settlements near Kokhta-Mitarbi. The shepherd boy, inspired by the sight of a hunting eagle, soared in the sky as a professional ski jumper in adulthood and impressed the world with his bravery and innovative style. As a veteran with multiple international recognitions from prestigious competitions, Koba landed back in his hometown. As a living legend, he has been passionately contributing to the development of Bakuriani as a prestigious resort.  

Video footage of Koba Tsakadze, the “skiing magician”, ski jumping.
Source: GPB Archives

The desire to advance the hometown into an acclaimed prestigious resort was present during the construction process of Rooms Hotel Kokhta; the local population was involved in the creation of the establishment. Moreover, currently, approximately half of the staff at the establishment is comprised of the communities from the region. Hence, the vibrant local spirit, traditions, and culture are not only ingrained in the architecture and design of Rooms Hotel Kokhta but carried through its staff as well. As a result, the establishment serves as an intermediary between its guests and the truly native experiences.

With its farm-to-table restaurant, Rooms Hotel Kokhta offers Georgian dishes with a modern twist. The seasonal menu is prepared with fresh organic produce from Georgian farmers. Rooms Hotel Kokhta’s restaurant also integrates local tastes by introducing products such as the pine-cone jam, which is characteristic of the region.

The tours, which the hotel will be offering to its guests, are going to create deeper bonds and encourage experience sharing with the welcoming communities of the towns and villages neighboring Kokhta-Mitarbi.

Creating the Local Experience

Located in Bakuriani, Kokhta-Mitarbi is brimming over with the melodic sounds of traveling birds and smells of the still coniferous forests. In winter, snow covers the hills and valleys of the resort in a feathery white layer as the mountains of the lesser Caucasus gaze down from the distance.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta is a continuation of the meditative, soothing experience that the Kokhta-Mitarbi terrain offers. Beyond the building, guests can take in the calm of nature by skiing on the slopes and through the forests, do yoga during the colorful autumn days, or venture into the wild in spring and summer – the seasons of rebirth and blooming.

As a result, Rooms Hotel Kokhta serves as the mediator between its guests and the genuinely local experiences. The establishment, which spatially and aesthetically replicates the nature around it and establishing close ties with the communities living near Kokhta-Mitarbi ensures that travelers get the most out of the magical region.

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