Words By: Guram Sakvarelidze

Adaptive reuse refers to converting an already existing building, which has outlived its purpose, into an establishment with a new function. The term also describes the process of restoring abandoned buildings, such as hotels and sanatoriums, into contemporary hospitality facilities. This approach to architecture and design has been recognized as culturally, environmentally, and socially sustainable. Extending a building’s life implies preserving cultural heritage, creating new spaces for socialization, and, importantly, avoiding construction processes harmful to the environment, such as demolition waste production and carbon emissions.

Radio City | Tbilisi

In Georgia, Adjara Group has become a pioneer in advancing the sustainable concept of adaptive reuse with its conversion and restoration projects that have been revolutionizing Georgian hospitality through architecture and design and thus placing the country on the world map. The company’s in-house team of local architects, designers, and engineers – Adjara Arch Group, has been central in reinvigorating landmark buildings by preserving the old and introducing the new to create extraordinary spatial experiences.

Rooms and Stamba Hotels demonstrate the effects of Adjara Group’s signature approach on Georgia. The redesigned venues of the company have turned into social and cultural hubs for both local and international guests and placed Georgia on the world map as a destination with a thriving contemporary life and a diverse cultural background. By preserving the country’s landmarks and creating public spaces that encourage creativity and interaction, Adjara Group has successfully turned every corner into a space for inspiration, socialization, reflection, and personal growth.

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

Adjara Group’s projects have sparked a movement of sustainable development in the Georgian hospitality sector. Adaptive reuse is increasingly popular in the country, and businesses are working harder than ever to push design boundaries and improve guest experiences by reimagining spatial journeys.

Adjara Group is committed to developing more conversion and restoration projects. The company’s upcoming initiatives, such as Radio City and Rooms Hotel Abastumani, both imply reconstructing already existing Soviet-era buildings, which will further advance Georgia as a country with a diverse contemporary scene and cultural heritage. Radio City involves transforming a former radio factory into a multi-functional space that will develop the creative economy in the country. Whereas, to develop Rooms Hotel Abastumani, Adjara Group will reconstruct a Soviet-era sanatorium in the historic Abastumani resort known for its healing powers and majestic landscapes.

Spatial Revolution Series

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