Supra in Paris 2019

Strategically wedged between Europe and Asia, Georgia is home to a thriving cultural scene, where generations-old traditions are not forgotten, but reinforced and re-imagined. Hospitality runs in the blood of Georgians and nowhere it is expressed as vividly as at a Georgian Supra, [სუფრა] – traditional feast, which at the same time, is an intrinsic part of the social culture.

Prepping for Supra

Dinner is served

On June 27 th, 2019, Supra went to Paris. To celebrate the long-lasting friendship between the two countries, Adjara Group recreated a traditional Georgian Supra. It was an occasion for French guests to become familiar with the Georgian cuisine, wine, art and music.

Indeed, in a beautiful Parisian house, in the heart of the historic neighborhood of Saint Germain des Pres, two long tables decorated with peonies and chandeliers were set to welcome around sixty guests all of whom were pioneers in their respective fields. Paris based representatives of art, fashion, media, hospitality, real estate, lifestyle development, gastronomy, cinema and photography have been introduced to the Georgian culture and traditions.

A hundred years ago, France was the first country to acknowledge Georgia’s independence and has become home to many political figures, intellectuals and artists after the Russian Revolution. At the same time Georgia has been an appealing destination for many French writers, explorers and entrepreneurs. Supra in Paris payed homage to long-standing friendship of Georgia and France. 

Supra event was supported by TBC Bank, Borjomi & Cheateu Mukhrani.

Thanks to TBC Bank, the legacy of Vera Pagava, an iconic figure of the Georgian and French visual culture was made possible to be displayed at the event. The artist moved to France in 1920s and played an important role in the evolution of “figurativism”. Today, she is considered as the first female abstract painter of the Georgian descent.

Moreover, half a century ago France was the first country to import the Georgian sparkling mineral water -Borjomi – which since has been winning hearts of many Parisians. Borjomi is an integral part of any Supra and, as such, it also held an important role throughout the evening.

And last but not least, Georgia is believed to be the birthplace of wine and Supra without a Tamada (toastmaster) is simply unimaginable. Supra in Paris was accompanied by exquisite wine from Chateau Mukhrani – one of the finest Georgian wines since 1878. Ivane Mukhranbatoni, a descendant of the Bagrationi Royal Family, decided to introduce the concept of “a Chateau” in Georgia after returning from Bordeaux and Champagne, where he embraced the art of winemaking. The combination of local traditions and new techniques revolutionized the quality of the Georgian wine.

It was also heartwarming to have guests join Levan Berulava – Adjara Group’s Managing Director– in expressing friendship and appreciation to the Georgian people, culture and traditions.

Supra in Paris has been an unforgettable experience which will reinforce old relationships and will turn new acquaintances into friendships.

Thinking how to introduce the Georgian culture abroad back in 2016, Adjara Group created an opulent Georgian Supra in the heart of Berlin. It celebrated both the country’s culinary traditions and unconditional Georgian hospitality which appeals to so many foreign guests.

The very first Supra in Kreuzberg, executed in partnership with @FVF (Freunde von Freunden), a digital platform run by berlin based creative community, was a unique experience rich with traditional cuisine, famed local wine and strong chacha. This special evening was shared with friends, old and new, and marked the beginning of a new tradition – the Georgian Supra beyond the country.

In 2018, Stamba Hotel in Tbilisi hosted a second Supra, which brought together friends from all over the world. The feast was prepared in collaboration with Rose Previte, the owner and founder of Compass Rose and Maydan restaurants in Washington DC. Rose revived middle eastern flavors while Irakli Asatiani, executive chef of Adjara Group, put a modern twist on traditional Georgian specialties and the result of this joint effort was indeed exquisite.

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